Welcome to the official web site of the 2nd International Conference “Aesthetic Energy of the City. Ideas – Forms – Places” organized by the University of Lodz [Department of Ethics, Institute of Philosophy], the Strzemiński Academy of Art & the Urban Forms Foundation.
This Conference will be held at the the Strzemiński Academy of Art at 121 Wojska Polskiego Street in Lodz, on 22nd – 24th September 2016.
The aim of the conference is to critically explore the role of urban art and the ways it can shape the public sphere. Lodz has specific historical, multicultural and economic characteristics and it is still being modernized and redesigned. These processes are the driving forces for creating art from the bottom up. One relevant example of the interaction of the city and its inhabitants is an outdoor gallery of murals created by Urban Forms Foundation. We would like to highlight the interconnection between the main factors creating  the culture of the city, therefore we chose ‘aesthetics’, ‘energy’ and ‘city’ to be the key words of our conference.
The second edition of the conference is focused on the role of urban crators, both artists and citizens as those who give ideas, create forms and places.



  • Great and small ideas.
  • Realised and unrealised ideas.
  • Universal and local ideas.
  • Ideas as patterns.
  • Misplaced ideas.
  • Ideas based on bottom-up and top-down activities.


  • An interdisciplinary analysis of various forms of urban art.
  • The structure of urban art piece (the role of form and content, the proportion of these components in urban reality).
  • Functionality and nonfunctionality of urban art pieces.
  • Permanent and ephemeral nature of urban art.


  • Places for people. Who is the creator of the city, who is the user and who is the intruder?
  • Socially successful and unsuccessful places.
  • Place-based identity.
  • Physical places as art inspirations.
  • Redefinitions of the place (non-places, heterotopic or atopic experience of  the place etc.)