Dear Colleagues,

thank you very much for participating in our conference. We really appreciate your  inspiring and informative speeches and long discussions. We hope you were able to see a little bit unknown image of Lodz, neighborhoods that are not tourist revelations. But we hope too, that in two years you will be able to see the New Centre of Łódź in all its glory, which is situated next to the Institute of Philosophy… So we invite you right now!
We are going to prepare a book. We do not treat it as a conference volume. It will be – like our previous book – thematic monograph, centered around a wide ranges of Aesthetics & Urban Studies. We look forward to strictly scientific texts, as well as studies on your artistic creativity. They may include workshops’ scenarios, descriptions of activities, etc.
Please send text in English until December 15, 2016. Please find attached selected pages from our previous book and treat it as a model for the bibliography and references. Here are the basic principles of editing:
1. the main text: no more than 20,000 characters with spaces, including footnotes; 12 point Times New Roman, line spacing 1.5,
2. bibliographic references eg. (Certetau, 2008: 45),
3. footnotes: 10 points, spacing 1,
4. bibliography at the end of the article: please remember to give the full name of the author and the name of the publishing house,
5. English note about the author – not more than 1000 characters including spaces,
6. English Abstract – not more than 1000 characters including spaces,
7. brief message, that you have the right to use images that illustrate your article.
Please find also attached license-agreement-with-co-authors.
Many thanks again for sharing your time, knowledge and enthusiasm.