The Strzemiński Academy of Art/Faculty of Visual Arts


The Faculty of Visual Arts trains future creators of visual arts, participants and animators of contemporary culture and artists able to formulate and implement thematic creative projects or professionally cooperate with art institutions. Specialisations: Visual Project, Theatre, Film and TV Techniques.

Structure of the Faculty:
• Department of Painting and Drawing
• Department of Sculpture, Intermedia and Spatial Actions
• Institute of Graphics
• Institute of Photography, Film and Digital Media
• Institute of Art Theory and History

Aims of education:

To train future professional artists, able also to prepare and produce a thematic project; to train participants and animators of contemporary culture, able to professionally collaborate with art institutions. The graduates should be prepared for a creative professional work in cultural and educational institutions of culture, mass media and promotional organisations.

Among graduates, there are animators of culture, working as curators and organisers of creative projects in art galleries, graphic designers, advertisment and media specialists, art instructors working for schools, museums, galleries and other culture institutions, creators of TV programmes, books and multimedia publications; specialists in scenography working for theatre, film, TV and other media forms.