VENUE: Centrum Nauki i Sztuki
 Akademii Sztuk Pięknych

im. Władysława Strzemińskiego w Łodzi
121 Wojska Polskiego Street


  9.30- 10.00       Registration

10.00- 10.30       Opening the AEC2 Conference

Session I – Understanding City Experience

10.30-10.50        What  Experience  has  Taught  us  About  Experiencing  Art?,  Teresa Latuszewska-Syrda, President of the Urban Forms Foundation
10.50-11.20        Walking with Street Art and Graffiti: Engaging Viewers in Visual Dialogue, Susan Hansen, Magali Peyrefitte, Middlesex University, London
11.20-11.40        What is ‘Experience’? Its Urban Implications, Bartosz Pokorski, University of Lodz
11.40-12.00        DISCUSSION

12.00-12.20        COFFEE BREAK

12.20-12.40        Developing a Smart City by Purging It of Artworks? Transhumanist Places of the Future, Jakub Palm, Pontifical University of John Paul II, Krakow
12.40-13.00        Impact of Public Sculpture on the Group Dynamics Model in the Open Spaces of the City, Krzysztof Krzysztof, University of Ulster, Belfast
13.00-13.20        A Woman from Lodz as a Flâneur, Aneta Pawłowska, University of Lodz
13.20-13.40        DISCUSSION

13.40-15.00        LUNCH

Session II – Visible and Invisible in Urban Art Experience

15.00-15.20       Visibility of the Basic “Street Art” – the Architecture of a City, Bartosz Poniatowski, The City Architect’s Office/The City of Lodz Office
15.20-15.50        Recording Living Walls: Longitudinal Photo-Documentation, Danny Flynn, London Metropolitan University;  Susan Hansen, Middlesex University, London
15.50-16.10        City Walls and Art: Making Visible Invisible and Vice Versa,  Agnieszka Gralińska-Toborek, University of Lodz
16.10-16.30        Women on Walls, Mia Gröndahl, independent journalist & project manager, Sweden
                                Aesthetics of Public Art in the Context of the Paradigm of Visibility, Łukasz Białkowski, Pedagogical University of Krakow (PRESENTATION AVAILABLE DURING BREAKS & DISCUSSION)

16.30-17.00       DISCUSSION

17.00-17.30        COFFEE BREAK

Session III – Performing/Escalating Experience

17.30-17.50        Performing the City – New Urban Museumscapes in Taipei, Birgit Mersmann, University of Cologne
17.50-18.10        Taipei – City of Complicated Architectural Heritage (Notes on Transcultural Experience), Łukasz Sadowski, The Strzemiński Academy of Art
18.10-18.30    Anticipating Experience – Dilemmas of Regeneration Processes: Designer vs. Investor/ Dream vs. Reality, Katarzyna Lewoc, The Strzemiński Academy of Art

18.30-19.00        DISCUSSION

19.00                    DINNER

                               Lodz at Night – a walk guided by Łukasz Sadowski


9.00 – 12.00         Guided Mural sightseeing

12.30-14.00        LUNCH

Session IV – When there is no beauty in the foreground…
Memory and Participation. Cuteness and Rusticity

14.00-14.30        The white centre. First step of the Civic Remembrance System in Bon Pastor (Barcelona) [the presentation accompanied by the exhibition “Barcelona. Urban Cohesion Urbana”], Antoni Remesar, Bibiana Crespo, Universitat de Barcelona
14.30-14.50        Experiencing Cuteness (?) in Urban Structures, Wioletta Kazimierska-Jerzyk, University of Lodz
14.50-15.10        Countryside in the City. Unused Clusters of Energy, Daria Szarejko, Warsaw University of Life Sciences
15.10-15.30        Artistic Activities as an Attempt to Tame Urban Wasteland – the Art of Bottom-up Creating a City, Martyna Cziszewska, Warsaw University of Life Sciences
15.30-16.00        DISCUSSION

16.00-16.30        COFFEE BREAK

Session V – Urban Decorations and Urban Decorum
with the discussion panel What Pleases an Eye in Urban Space?

16.30-16.50        Situated in a Prestigious Location – on City Ceramic Compositions and Mosaics after 1945, Bożena Kostuch, National Museum in Krakow
16.50-17.10        Outdoor and Hidden Decorations after 1945 (Specific Examples), Aleksandra Sumorok, The Strzemiński Academy of Art
17.10-17.40        Renovation, Shaping and Cultural Integration: Creative Development of Leeds’ Architectural and Social Habitats, Katarzyna Breska, Hayley Reid, East Street Arts, Leeds

17.40-19.30 DISCUSSION PANEL What Pleases an Eye in Urban Space?

19.30           DINNER


9.00-11.30           Welcome to Bałuty! A Guided walking tour

11.30-12.00        COFFEE BREAK

Session VI – Local Aspects of Urban Creativity
[Twórczy potencjał miast – aspekty lokalne]

12.00-12.20        Silesia(u)topia: A Dream of a Metropolis? Industrial Urban Art in Silesia [Śląska (u)topia: ‘Sen o przemysłowej metropolii’? Industrialna sztuka miejska na Śląsku], Jakub Petri, Jagiellonian University
12.20-12.40        Artistic versus Aesthetic Values of Architectural Objects and Public Spaces Connected with Industry [Wartość artystyczna a estetyka obiektów architektonicznych i przestrzeni publicznych związanych z przemysłem], Ewa Waryś, Cracow University of Technology
12.40-13.00        Re)constructing Urban Identity. From Izrael Poznański’s Former Factory to ‘Manufaktura’, [(Re)konstrukcja miejskiej tożsamości. Od fabryki Izraela Poznańskiego do Manufaktury],Julia Sowińska-Heim, University of Lodz
13.00-13.20        The Cricoteka – Theatrical Dimension of Architecture, [Cricoteka – teatralny wymiar architektury], Ewa Maria Romaniak, Cracow University of Technology

13.20-13.50        DISCUSSION

13.50                    CLOSING THE CONFERENCE

14.00                    LUNCH