What Pleases an Eye in Urban Space?

17.40-19.30 FRIDAY

Artists and theoreticians  will try to answer the following questions:

We intend to discuss the following issues:

City in crisis! Art for help!

Do you feel that art can rescue degraded urban places?
How art can support the regeneration processes?
How to deal with difficult memory of a place?  Should artist pay attention to the history of a place at first?
Do you know the examples of good practice of revitalisation by art?

Municipality and artists

Who is responsible for aesthetic energy of the city?
How to win the competition with more famous cities?
How to exploit the potential of more poor districts?

Must be nice to be interesting?

What pleases an eye in Łódź?
Do you believe in art, which can power an aesthetic energy of the city?

The experts are:

Bożena Kostuch (The National Museum in Krakow), Katarzyna Breska, Hayley Reid (East Street Arts), Katarzyna Lewoc (Interior Architect, Set Designer, Culture Animator and Teacher), Sebastian Bożek (Independent Artist, Krakow)

The panel is chaired by Aleksandra Sumorok